Russia gay tour: could it be not harmful to LGBTQ travellers?

Getting a perception of the degree of homophobia and downright stupidity widespread amongst Russian politicians, check out this meeting from April 2013 between Stephen cook and Vitaly Milonov.

Milonov the most outstanding people in politics in Putin’s joined Russia event and he was also the primary mentor associated with the terrible 2013 anti-gay propaganda laws:

Was Russia safe for LGBTQ tourists?

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The small response is, yes, it really is protected, but.only if you’re willing to remain in the room through your explore, specifically in open public.

Prior to moving to the Trans Siberian across Russia in 2014, we were nervous! Of course, most of us allooknow Russia possess a terrible reputation for LGBTQ right, especially in lamp belonging to the horrible anti-gay propaganda rule died in 2013. All our friends and family warned all of us:

you better be careful in Russia kids, likely great hinder supposed completely!


How exactly to Remain Secure And Safe Whilst Travelling?


As gay tourists, well-being was our very own # 1 consideration! This is exactly why we have now create the perfect Vacation security pointers for LGBTQ tourists.

With hindsight, we’re thus grateful most of us overlooked these suggestions! We traveled through Russia for 2 seasons and live unscathed! However, most of us accomplished feel just like most people returned inside shoebox, especially in general public, where you pretended staying mates not two crazy. We discovered that if you should admire the fact that Russian community is quite conventional and choose low key actions from consumers, then you will get definitely great.

Most of us in addition strongly believe that went here, promote gay welcoming companies, appointment and making new friends with all the hometown LGBTQ society might be a lot more profitable than boycotting all of them altogether.

At the conclusion of the day, whether you decide to go Russia, is actually your own option for we. We are not exclaiming you must not head to. Russia is an attractive state, abundant in traditions and background that might a shame to cut. Additionally, it possess a thriving LGBTQ community experiencing his or her everyday life, especially in Moscow, where you have fairly big homosexual arena. Providing you have wisdom, have your wits about you at all times and steer clear of any LGBTQ activism, you’ll be great!

Top homosexual moments in Russia

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Unexpectedly, Russia possesses a gay scene, particularly in the two main biggest cities: Moscow and St Petersburg. Moscow, for example, features really an extraordinary lots of pubs, clubs, touring person and hot rooms.

1. The homosexual arena of Moscow

Stefan first went to Russia in 2007 before he or she found Seb and partied at core place MSK, that is certainly nonetheless nowadays, the main homosexual pub in Moscow. Over a decade later on, middle facility continues to moving tough in defiance associated with anti-gay law in position. This one is very large, 5 tales big, and a truly fun particular date on vacations. The doormen away very curt and strict, but all a section of the known Soviet-style face regulation in order to avoid any homophobic violence within it. After per night out at Central place, most of us headed to BoyZ nightclub towards after-party.

Additional huge and extremely prominent homosexual groups in Moscow to visit integrate MONO, Three Monkeys and Propaganda. You will also find traveling couples like Hunters, the largest along with better, and in addition Imperia.

Widely used gay bars in Moscow incorporate Nashe Cafe and NICE. Concerning homosexual sweat rooms in Moscow, there are plenty of! A few of the most common integrate VODA, XL Spa and heaven.

2. The homosexual stage of St Petersburg

Most people appreciated St Petersburg most. This like an outdoor art gallery, saturated in industrial gems for example the winter months residence, the Spilled ceremony, plus the Mikhalmikhailovsky Castle. This is the more European-like area in Russia, and one regarding the extra liberal-minded cities in Russia.

The helpful link homosexual scene of St Petersburg happens to be small compared to Moscow, nevertheless humming with daily life. The actual primary homosexual association of St Petersburg are pink Oyster/Priscilla, and that’s a gay pub by-day and association during the night time. It is actually named after the imaginary homosexual club in the law enforcement Academy movies. Violet Oyster/Priscilla enjoys several pubs spread-over 4 floor, incorporating a karaoke area, dancing neighborhood, sofa and a dark labyrinth.

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